The journey of every business is a series of trial and errors. Therefore, the need of a consultant to support from the beginning till the end is necessary. here, we help our clients who wish to start a business Indian companies, by consulting them on drafting a business proposal, drafting the contract and managing the way to manage business operations while handling all expenses. Apart from this, we support marketing and financial reporting to the Indian Government.

Apart from all this, we offer our customers O-Rela, as well. Our capabilities do not limit to these, we also work as a distributor and exporter of O-Rela and other products in which our clients deal.

Iron Network

  • Indian military is the most democratic organization of India with no caste system in the army.
  • Needless to say, if a soldier retires and move into a private sector, his comrade Kizuna will only get stronger and will be used in the business domain. Therefore, this network of veterans is known to be an Iron Network by us.
  • India works on this network. This network is one the best business tricks to work with least risks. No black companies would be found operating in this network. If any business gets kicked out of this network then it is difficult to a reputable job in India. Considering all this, we provide our clients with a reliable network that does not include any risk of ironclad rule of Indian businesses.

Strong in Defense and Security Domain

The security and defense domains are interlinked. Security is related to the protection of the businesses and the term defense is used for maintaining the security of the country.
Leveraging upon the skills, experience and knowledge of former SDF personnel and Veteran of Indian military who have allied with us, we ensure the safety of our clients overseas while protecting their companies from all the calculated business risks.

Consultancy Achievements

We help our clients not only get the joy of business contract in the Indian states but begin a business on the basis of that contract and helping them solve the issues that may face while performing their business operations in India.

Consulting Results

We have also tabulated the industrial sectors to which those projects were related to. And, of course, the name of the companies have been not tabulated for confidential reasons.

Company or Organizations

Contents or Projects

Industrial Sector

Saitama Prefecture Mid-sized Manufacturer

Product sales to India and neighboring countries


Miyagi Prefecture Shiitake Cultivation Farmer

JICA project survey (finished)


Major manufacturers in Tokyo

Support for entry into the Indian military security system

Defense industry

Tokyo Chemical Consulting

Support for commercialization with Indian collaborative companies

Fine chemicals

Major insurance company in Tokyo

Rendering key points to take into consideration when entering Indian market.


Nagano Prefecture Mid-sized Optical Equipment Manufacturer

Rendering information on Optical equipment used by the Indian Army.

Introducing newer products to the Indian Defense Industry.

Optical equipment

Mid-sized security company in Tokyo

Rendering information about Indian Security Industry

Mediating negotiations for collaborating Indian Security companies.


Mid-sized IT company

Tying knots with similar Indian companies


Small distributor

Chances of enhancing the sales of deodorant cloth in Indian market


Service Rendering

Following includes the way we actually provide our services to our clients. For this, we have divided the queries of clients in different cases.

Case 1: When clients want to sell their products in India.
In this case, we conduct basic survey, perform market research, ensure business matching, ally with contract creation agency with Indian companies.

Case 2: When clients prefer establishing their branch office or a representative office in India.
In this case, we help our clients in filling registration application, introducing local real estate agents to the clients, providing office design support and local employment support.

Case 3: When expanding businesses in India, Security situation is a must to consider and we help our clients with the same.

Case 4: When clients want to know India and directly negotiate with Indian contractors, we provide group inspection support, fully customized inspection support and seminars.

Case 5: When clients insist on buying Indian goods, we meet all the casual needs of providing them the help in this.

Case 6: When an interpreter is needed for translations, we interpret business negotiations with Indian companies.

Case 7: When clients want to study in India, we support them by introducing Indian Universities to them and consider the life support after completion of their study.

Case 8: When clients want to apply for the business in India, we help them submit their proposals to Indian government.

We also distribute and export the products of our clients all over the world and O-Rela is the most popular of those products.

Team of Professionals

Backed such a strong team of professional, we have been seeing a steady growth in our business. Under their guidance, we have been consulting our clients well. As a result of which, our clients repeatedly come to us for availing services from us.



Area of Expertise

Retd. Major General Takayuki Hirano

President of Company

  • Certified International Administrative Lawyer
  • A graduate from DSSC Wellington, Tamil Nadu
  • Worked in Former Japanese Defense related to India.

Mr. Surinder K. Kalra

Indian Partner

  • Auditing and Accounting
  • Chartered Accountant by profession.

Mr. Yichi Sagawa

Senior Advisor

  • International Business Trading

H.E. Sakutaro Tanino

Senior Advisor

  • Expert of Foreign Diplomacy
  • Former Japanese Ambassador dealing with India and China.

Mr. Tatsuo Nishimoto

Senior Advisor

  • International Business Trading

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