Ion Medic O-Rela
Ion Medic O-Rela is a semi-automatic type product which helps in eliminating viruses, fungi and other such contaminations from the atmosphere. The material used for the manufacturing of this product is distinctive, which does not react with the bodily fluids.
Freeze Drying Equipment
The process of sublimation is used for removing ice and various other frozen solvents from a particular material. To ensure this process is carefully performed for certain applications, we have come up with an array of Freeze Drying Equipment that complies with the industrial guidelines and meets the requirements of our customers.

Magnetic Current Box
Are you looking for a good quality Magnetic Current Box but are on a tight budget? If yes, then worry no more. Our offered gamut of Magnetic Current Box is the answer to your problem. We have got the said product in different specifications to meet different requirements of our customers.

Waste Management Plant
As the name implies, the key aim of using Waste Management Plant is to effectively manage the waste in the community we live in. Since, most of the waste is generated from the industrial sectors, many companies explore our range of Waste Management Plant and buy the one that meets their requirements exactly.

E. A Mask Strap Type
Grab the best deals on our offered range of E.A Mask Strap Type. Each and every product sold under this array is carefully designed and manufactured by our vendors. All the products are thoroughly checked over different quality parameters, only then sourced from our vendors.
Filter Water Powder
Offered range of Filter Water Powder is effective in killing disease causing microorganisms and suspended particles found in water. Key ingredient of such powder is glutamic acid based polymer. This polymer is obtained from fermented soybeans. Provided range of powder has high filtration efficiency.

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